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Yes, You can save a life!

Course Content:  

 Business of babysitting:

  How to get your business started safely, Creating a resume, how to interview, Do you want this job? Can you handle the job? Creating babysitting kits etc.

 > Caring for babies:

         Appropriate foods, toys and activities

 > Caring for toddlers:

         Appropriate foods, toys and activities

 > Caring for preschoolers:

         Appropriate foods, toys and activities

 > Caring for school-aged children:

         Appropriate foods, toys and activities

 > Creating safe environments:

          Safety check list and activities

          Respecting cultures, ethnicity and privacy, always carry a First Aid with you babysitting             kits.

 > How to handle emergencies and first aid:

          How to recognize an emergency, how/who to call for help etc.                                                 What to do for choking, burns, cuts, scraps, broken bones,           

          allergic reactions, breathing emergencies etc.


Cost $45.00 per student 

(Includes Tax)