We are strongly recommending the on-line Blended Courses. This is a combination of on-line theory with in-class skills. (For new or expired certificates).

We are also offering the on-line Workplace 6 Hour skills review course. (For persons holding a valid Workplace First Aid card within the past year, or the 6 Hours Skills Review within the past year).

This is an exception during the pandemic for workplaces to keep their "First Aid Providers" certified.

In class course changes:

  • Each student will receive the Covid-19 screening tool. If you answer Yes to any of the questions you will be asked to re-schedule the course date.  
  • Payment must be made the day of the course or Prior to course date!
  • Hand sanitizer is always available.
  •  All skills are practiced on mannequins.
  • Always stay 2 meters from others.
  • Class size is 10 students maximum to comply with social distancing.
  • Face Masks are available for the day or you can purchase one for $3.00 each. Or you can bring your own.
  • Private courses are also available.